Writing a Bio Sucks.


When designing websites for estheticians, I almost ALWAYS get push back when I say I need a biography for their about page. And I get it. I hated writing the bio for my own site (don't read it please). 

However, the About page is one of the most visited pages on a site! Maxine will attest to that. Needless to say, it has to be done. So for those of you who get stuck writing one out. Amy Wall and I (ok mostly Amy) have come up with a beautiful, simple outline that will make the writing process go a lot smoother. 

Personally, I believe the power in a bio isn't necessarily how long it is but how much it says about you and your personality, goals, and overall vibe. This outline forces you to come up with punch words that will get right to the heart of who you are without dragging on. 

"My name is [first & last name] and I run a [type of business] called [name business]. I provide [the types of services you specialize in / provide] for [your target market] so that they can experience [what do you want your clients to experience?] , feel more [what do you want your clients to feel?], and love what they [adjective (for skin care professionals I think "see" is an appropriate word for this block] on a daily basis.

When I am an not working with my clients you can find me [name some of your favorite activities]. Thank you for checking [name of business] out and please feel free to contact me for an questions!"

Steal this and make it your own. If you do end up revising your bio please share it in The Esthetician Marketing Club. I love seeing everyone's creative juices flowing!

Brooke Lea WoodComment